TAPPS Competition

TAPPS Academic Competitions - Past Years

2013 3A School Competition Summary

  • 1st:    Austin Brentwood Christian School
  • 2nd:    Red Oak Ovilla Christian
  • 3rd:    McKinnney Christian Academy
  • 4th:    Fort Worth Bethesda Chrisitan School
  • 5th:    (Tie) Flower Mound Coram Deo Academy
  • 5th:    (Tie) Houston Cypress Christian School
2013 3A State Meet Results
Persuasive Speaking Emily Warren 3rd
Persuasive Speaking Shelly black 4th
Persuasive Speaking Christian Doyle 6th
Number Sense Timothy Barber 6th (tie)
Calculator Timothy Barber 4th
Advanced Math Timothy Barber 2nd
Literary Criticism Hannah Chappell 1st
Spanish Aaron Teran 1st

2013 3A District Competition

1st:  McKinney Christian Academy


Historical records for past TAPPS Academic Competitions

TAPPS Academic Competition 2012

2012 3A School Competition Summary

State:    MCA placed 4th
District:  MCA placed 2nd

2012 3A District Meet Results
Persuasive Speaking Emily Warren 2nd
Persuasive Speaking Shelly white 5th
Number Sense Andrew Collins 5th
Calculator Sean McClain 1st
Calculator Tim Barber 2nd
Calculator Sieun Ye 3rd
Advanced Math Andrew Collins 6th
Current Events/Issues Emily Warren 1st
Current Events/Issues Nan Tolson 5th
Solo Acting Allyson Richey 5th
Social Studies Paola Teran 1st
Social Studies Kylie Madry 3rd
Social Studies Aaron Teran 4th
TAPPS Math Tim Barber 2nd
Original Oratory Emily Warren 1st
Original Oratory Amanda Pace 2nd
Yearbook placed 4th
Newspaper placed 2nd

TAPPS Academic Competition 2011

2011 3A State Meet Results
Solo Acting Allyson Richey 1st
Social Studies Emily Warren 6th
Literary Criticism Bekah Johnson 1st
Literary Criticism Maggie Marshall 3rd
Poetry Interpretation Heather Groff 6th
Original Oratory Emily Warren 6th
Newspaper placed 2nd


2011 3A District School Competition Summary

    1st:  Bullard the Brook Hill School
    2nd:  McKinney Christian Academy

3rd:  Ovilla Christian
4th:  Carrollton Prince of Peace
5th:  Carrollton Christian Academy
6th:  Richardson Canyon Creek


    TAPPS Academic Competition 2010

    MCA placed 3rd in the 2010 State competition!

    2010 State Meet Results
    Ready Writing Avery Jones 4th
    Science Ryan Sims 4th
    Spelling Ellen Taylor 2nd
    Literary Criticism Avery Jones 5th
    Literary Criticism Bekah Johnson 6th
    TAPPS Math Kylar Christison 3rd
    Computer Science Ryan Sims 2nd
    Computer Science Sean McClain 4th (tie)

    Newspaper Placed 1st
    Yearbook Placed 4th


    2010 2A District School Competition Summary

    1st:  McKinney Christian Academy

    2nd:  Greenville Christian School
    3rd:    Longview Christian Heritage
    4th:    Nacogdoches Regents
    5th:    Sherman Texoma Christian
    6th:    Longview Trinity School of Texas